Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hair Update

Thanks everyone for helping me decide on what to do with my hair. Seriously, you were all a big help! I was leaning more towards auburn, but you guys made me decide that color for sure :). I'm actually getting my hair done in about an hour! I didn't think I'd be able to get it done so soon, so I'm a little nervous! Plus, it'll be a cut that I've never had before, so that makes me nervous too. But I need a change, so I'm excited to see how it turns out. Wish me luck!

Here's my before pic:

I'll post the after pic when I get home...if I like it :).
Thanks again for all your help!


Ok people, here's the new me! It's so much different than anything I've ever had before, but that's why I love it! I get so tired of the same old, so it's nice to switch things up every now and then. Hope you all like it!

I actually have bangs now. But the guy who cut my hair called it 'fringe'. I think I like his term better :).

I love all the layers in the back. You can really see the darker red-brown color underneath.

So here's the new me! Hope my new hair was worth the suspense :). Thanks again for everyone's help!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Hair Troubles... Please Help!

Lately I've been pulling my hair up in ponytails (it was pigtails today - yeah, I know I'm too old for that :P) and dreading the days when I actually have to do my hair. I've finally admitted to myself that I hate doing my hair. I use to think I just got tired of the style, but really I think I just hate doing my hair. I was never blessed with the 'able to do hair' gene (poor Cali). Well, since I can't shave it all off I've decided to opt for a new look. I'm excited to get my hair cut again because usually that gives me the motivation to do it when it's something fun and new. Plus, usually I get it cut short enough that I can't pull it back so that forces me to do my hair :). So now I have to decide how to get it done. Especially what color to do my hair. I thought I wanted to go blonde again, but now I'm second guessing that decision. So here's where all you lovely people come it. Please tell me what you like best from the pics below, and how you think I should do my hair. I seriously need all the help I can get!

Here's my most recent hair cut and color. I was blonde with a dark color underneath. I really liked the color and thought I'd want to do it again, but now I'm not so sure. What do you guys think?

Here's me with auburn colored hair. It looks more brown in this pic, but it was really more auburn, so just imagine :). I actually really loved this hair color and wouldn't mind doing it again.

Here's me with dark hair. I don't know if I'd go this dark again, but then again if you guys loved it you just might convince me!

I wanted to post some pics I have of different hairstyles, but I can't. So here's one pic of the hairstyle I want. I'm going to get more bangs which I'm excited about, and I want more of a piecy, chunky haircut. So, hopefully this pic will give you an idea. I'm not doing the same color as her (even though I think it's way cool!) but the cut is about what I want, only I'll go shorter - to just above my shoulders I think. So, tell me what you think.

So there you go. Honestly, any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Doesn't Get Much Better Than This: Twilight and Coldplay

To put it lightly, this week has been quite the crazy week. But as busy and crazy as it's been, you can't go wrong when you end your week with one amazing thing, let alone two! As I'm sure all of you know, the Twilight movie came out this week. As cool as going to see the movie was, what made it even cooler was getting to see it on Thursday night at six p.m. - a whole six hours before it was released! How am I so lucky you ask? My sister Heather was part of an Allyse's Bridal prom dress fashion show that went on in a few theatres in the SL/Utah county areas as part of the Twilight movie opening. Since the fashion shows brought in tons of money for the theatres involved, they decided to reward the girls by letting them see the Twilight movie Thursday night instead of having to wait until Friday. So my sister Heather got ten tickets to the early showing and lovingly let JR and I have two of those tickets. THANKS HEATHER!!! It was such a blast finally getting to see the Twilight movie. I have to say I didn't love every single thing about it, but it was still really really good and I can't wait to see it again.

Now as if going to see Twilight wouldn't make my entire week fantastic, JR and I also got to go to the Coldplay concert on Saturday night. Can you say amazing?! I have wanted to go see them in concert for so long, so when I heard they were coming to town I knew I had to get tickets. Even though we were in the nose bleeds, it was such an amazing concert and JR and I had the best time! They are such a talented group and their live performance was brilliant. It's probably one of the best concerts, if not the best concert I've ever been to. Enjoy some pics from the concert! I know these pics don't have the best detail, so just click on them to make them bigger.

You can see the lead singer, Chris Martin, in the middle. He was such a great performer. He's vocals are amazing, and he's so crazy good on the piano he could be a concert pianist.

Here's Chris rockin out on one of the side stages with his guitarist. He was so entertaining. It was awesome!

Here's JR and I enjoying the concert. We were in the nose bleeds, but the view was amazing! If you look closely you can see Chris on stage right by JR's shoulder :).

Here's Chris on the side stage with all the confetti that came down during one of their last songs.

Here's the band with Chris on the piano in the middle. I loved what he did when he was at the piano. Amazing!

Enjoy a little taste from the concert:

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

All About JR

1. Where did you meet? -- Snow College in a Social Psychology class.

2. How long did you date before you married? -- We dated for about a month and a half, and were engaged for about six and a half months. Yeah, it was a little backwards :).

3. How long have you been married? -- Seven and a half years. Eight in May :).

4. What does he do that surprises you? -- He wanted to read the Twilight series books with me! We read the whole series out loud together and it was so much fun. I never expected him to want to read it at first, but now he loves it almost as much as I do! He wants to be my Edward :). I know, too cute huh :). We are also going to see the Twilight movie tomorrow night at six - six hours before the movie is released!!! Yes, I know I'm lucky :D. We can't wait!

5. What is his best feature? -- That's a tough one, because I don't know if I can pick just one. I guess it's a toss up between his full lips and his nice bum :).

6. What is your favorite quality of his? -- He is a very passionate person. He really cares about a lot of things and I love that about him. Some of his passions include cooking/food, teaching, politics, gaining knowledge, and me, of course :).

7. Does he have a nickname for you? -- Love, Baby, Krissy. He uses lots of cute names for me, but I think his favorite is baby.

8. What is his favorite food? -- Sushi

9. What is his favorite sport? -- Football

10. When and where was your first kiss? -- Our first kiss was on our first date. But, in my defence, we had gotten to know each other the whole week beforehand. Our first date was to a Sadies dance at Snow College. We kissed after an activity in my roommates car. Yeah, not the best location, but it was a great kiss...*sigh*.

11. What is your favorite thing to do as a couple? -- Go out on dates. I don't really care what we do as long as we get to spend time together. I love it :).

12. Do you have any children? -- Yes, Cali and Isaac.

13. What are his hidden talents? -- He is a really amazing writer. I hope he writes a book some day. He is also amazing with music and can play the piano and guitar by ear.

14. Who said I love you first? -- JR did, but I said it right back.

15. What is his favorite music? -- He loves all sorts of music. Right now he's really into Brazilian Jazz (ie Bossa Nova).

16. What do you admire about him? -- He loves being a father and is so great with our kids. He gets on the floor and plays with them and they have a blast. His favorite thing is being at home with his family and I love that :).

17. What is something he loves to do? -- JR loves being the senior primary chorister in our ward. He loves working with the kids in primary, helping them love the primary songs, and helping them feel the Spirit. He does a great job and I don't know what we'd do without him in primary!

18. What is his favorite color? -- Blue. (Side note: So I asked JR what his favorite color was after I answered this question, just to make sure I was right, and he spouted off about seven other colors that he loves. "Black, red, blue, gold - no silver, green is good, I like orange too. Dang it! I just like variety." So there you go. There's his answer. He's such a dork :P.)

19. What is something about him that not very many people know? -- JR is a complete goof ball. To most people he comes off as very serious and intellectual, but the more you get to know him you realize he's just as crazy and goofy as me :).

20. Who do you tag? -- Anyone wanting to brag about their spouse :).

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Best

For being the middle of November, today was a gorgeous day! I love when all the leaves are nice and crunchy. Of course that means it's been dry, but come on, crunchy leaves are MUCH better to walk through that old soggy leaves. I think once Isaac gets up from his nap we'll have to take a walk and let him play in all the leaves :).

Since this weather won't be lasting long (*sniff*), JR and I decided to take some quick pictures after church in our Sunday best. Isaac was asleep so we didn't get any pics of him, but I think I have plenty of him on here for this month, so he's covered :).

Here's me with all the fun crunchy fall leaves. What a beautiful day!

I just got this sweater yesterday and I love it! It makes my eyes look green, and it was on sale :). What more could I ask for!

Here's my beautiful husband looking beautiful. Enough said :).

Anyone reading my blog from GQ magazing? Here's JR's headshot pic.

My cute Cali had to get in on the action, since she's the prettiest one of us all :). She even posed with her hands on her hips. What a big little girl I have :).

Can we say adorable??? She's so pretty :).

Here's me looking much better now that JR's in the pic with me. Thanks to our very nice home teachers for taking the pic. Your service for us is done for the month :D.

Sunday - Part Two

Ok, so I feel like ranting for a minute. I had second thoughts at first about subjecting all of you lovely readers (yes Jenny, that's you :) to my inner most thoughts, but then decided that it was my blog so I can rant if I want to (just makes you want to start singing doesn't it :).

After taking these pictures today, it came to my attention (for the one millionth time) that I suffer from what's called a "pretty husband". I'm sure most of you don't know what I'm talking about because you're all much prettier than your husbands. And if you DO have sexy husbands, then you're smokin! Now, usually having a gorgeous husband is NO problem for me because I get to look at this lovely man every day and think, "Wow, he really is sexy isn't he...".The problem occurs when I see pictures of myself next to pictures of him. I can then completely relate to what Bella thought about standing next to Edward – that is until she because a sexy vampire :P.

I do understand that I'm really not photogenic, and I try to make myself feel better by thinking that that's not how I really look to other people (Please say that's not how I look to other people!!!). JR makes me feel beautiful, so I must look better than that right?! Then today I look at picture after picture of myself just praying that I can find at least ONE good one, after looking at JR's pictures that look more like head shots for a modeling agency! Some days it's just not fair. Honey, I love you, but you're too pretty for me to take sometimes! I feel like I'm going to have to get plastic surgery in a few years just to keep up!

Ok, end rant. Quoting Mushu from Mulan, "You just gotta learn to let these things go! *sniff*"

Yeah, I'm working on it :).

Friday, November 14, 2008

Some Much Needed Motivation

I found this on my friends blog. If something makes me laugh out loud I have to share it :D. That, and I've been needing to start exercising again but haven't found the motivation to start yet. I think I just found my motivation. Enjoy!

PS- JR, this one is for you too :). hehe :P

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Weeks Girls Night Out

Ever since my dad took JR and my other bro-in-laws out to Red Lobster (yeah, not fair) after the Priesthood Session of Conference, my sisters and I have wanted to do something fun together - without the kids :). So, yesterday we went out on the town! We went and got pedicures in this great place on State Street and about 6000 south in Salt Lake. It was only $20 for a nice pedicure! And they had way comfy massage chairs to relax in while we got our feet pampered. It seriously was so nice, and it was so much fun to hang out with my mom, sisters, and niece Erin.

Afterwards we went to Leatherby's (yummmm!) and enjoyed dinner and, of course, excellent ice cream. We all shared each other's ice cream, which meant lots of yummy flavors. Mmmmmm :). We talked and talked and had so much fun together. It's amazing how nice it is talking without getting interrupted by our kids. We could actually enjoy adult conversation! So, of course we acted like dorks :P. And, since we obviously don't get out much, we had to take our camera's along!

Here's half of us enjoying our pedicures: Erin, Annika, and Nicky.

Here's my mom and sister Heather. Doesn't my mom look so relaxed :).

Here is a picture taken by my 'cool' sister Nicky. This is Annika enjoying the nasty tea they gave us to drink. I think she's faking the enjoyment....

Here's a 'very cool' self portrait of Nicky. It's nice when your sisters take blackmail pics of themselves :D.

Here's me looking sexy and relaxed in my awesome massage chair. Nicky, I think the pic is a little crooked.... Oh, wait, she called it "artistic" :P.

Here's all of our lovely finished toes. Don't we look so pretty! And, I have to say, we have some nice looking feet!

Yes, we made the lady at the nail shop take a million pictures of us. Thankfully Nicky explained that we don't get out much, so I'm sure they understood :D.

Here's all of us at Leatherby's: Nicky, Erin, Annika, Mom, Heather (yes, she's a natural blond ;D) and me. I took this pic myself! I know, I have such talent. And apparently some long arms.

Here's me looking very cool in Nicky's sunglasses. I think she was jealous of how fabulous I looked.

Yep, she was definitely jealous :D. Ah, sisterly affection. Oh, and I swear my tongue isn't really that pointy.

Here's all of us enjoying our ice cream. Thanks Nicky for getting the yummy blue bubble gum ice cream. I LOVE bubble gum ice cream! But only because it's a truly adult flavor :D.

Thanks ladies for such a fun night! I think we should do it again. I have next weekend available... :).

18 Months Old - Such a Big Boy

I had to take more pics of Isaac. He looks so grown up now! I'm starting to get use to his new hair cut, but I can't get over how big he looks now. He's not my baby anymore *sniff*. He turned 18 months on Nov. 5th, the day after I took these pics. At his doctor's apt. he weighed 27 plus lbs, was in the 78th percentile for height, and was in the 98th percentile for his head. Yep, that's my boy :). He has to have that much room for all his smarts!

What cute big boy :).

"Wasat?" ("what's that" for you non-parents out there :).

I love his belly hanging out. So cute :).

Here's Isaac with his blanket. He bites on this thing all the time! And then he snuggles and sucks his thumb. Too cute :).

See, he still has curls in the back. Thank goodness!

Look at that dimple. Love it!

Look at those blue eyes. He's so dang cute!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Go Vote!

I did my civic duty today, now it's your turn! Hurry, you have until 8:00 p.m.!

Plus they give you these cool stickers.
My outfit needed a pop of color :D.
You know you want one too...

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Isaac's First Big Boy Haircut

So, Isaac has been needing a haircut for quite some time and we decided to give him one tonight. He had a haircut when he was younger, but it was only to cut the long hair on top of his head, and I did it in like three snips of the scissors. Today's haircut was like a million scissor snips! Of course, that's probably because JR was really getting into it, but still! If I would have done the haircut he would not have lost that much hair. I can't help it. I love his curls! They're just so dang cute! But I realized that he needed a haircut, so I let JR take charge while I helped to entertain him and video the event. In the end, JR cut off way more hair than I would have liked, but it still turned out really cute. And his curls are still there. But he looks so much older! I think I'm going through withdrawls or something. I think I'm missing my little boy! Isaac will be 18 months old in three days and he's getting so big! Plus, add the new haircut on top of that and he's not my baby anymore! I'm trying to tell myself that it'll grow out. At least the curls are still very much there, so that's a relief. I just can't get over how much more grown up Isaac looks now. I think I need some tissues...*sniff*.


Look at all those pretty golden locks!

Ok, yeah he definitely needed his bangs cut :).

Look at how long his hair is! And it's even curly in the back!

This is right before JR started cutting. That's when I started videoing, so this is the last pic of him and his long hair...


Look at how stinkin cute and grown up he looks! I can't get over it!

His curls are still nice and tight :). I know it might look like he still has a lot of hair there, but JR really did cut off a ton. I almost had a panic attach with all that hair flying around! JR really did a nice job with his hair cut, though. Thanks honey :).

My sweet little Isaac is getting so big. Even thought he's turning into a tornado who loves to say "Mine!", he's still so dang cute and such a sweetheart. Love this kid!

Happy Halloween!

Halloween this year was a lot of fun. Cali is getting older and enjoying Halloween even more. Isaac is walking this year, and was able to trick-or-treat better. Although, most of the time he was being carried :). Cali was Cinderella and Isaac was Linus from Peanuts. We figured since he loves his blanket and sucking his thumb it was a good match :). They both looked adorable of course :). But unfortunately I forgot to bring the camera when we were out trick-or-treating, so I don't have a ton of pictures. Here are a few pics taken with the kids in their costumes. The first few pics were actually taken the Saturday before Halloween at a party my mom threw for all the grand kids.

Here's my Cali as Cinderella at my mom's Halloween party. Ok, I know I'm biased, but doesn't she look pretty!!! Oh, and quick funny story. As I was getting Cali ready to go trick-or-treating I was going to put some sparkles on her face. Then she informed me that Cinderella didn't wear sparkles. I told her that they were cute, and she said that the fairy god mother didn't put sparkles on Cinderella. Luckily I'm the mom and have complete control over what makeup my daughter wore that night :D. And yes, she let me put sparkles on....eventually :). They were cute!

Here's Cali and Isaac (aka: Linus) at my mom's.

I thought this picture was so cute. What a helpful girl I have getting Isaac to look :P. hehe!

Here's my cute mom and Isaac. I thought he made a cute Linus...even though it's hard to tell he's dressed up :).

Here's my kids at our front door on Halloween night. I can't believe this is the only good pic I got of them! Oh, and if you're wondering what's on Isaac's shirt it's a name tag saying that he's Linus. I just figured that was easier than a million people asking what he was suppose to be :).

Of course we had to get some cool pics of our awesome pumpkins :).

This one turned out so great! Good job on the pic JR!

I hope you all enjoyed a happy and safe Halloween! Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go eat my children's candy :D. Yummy!