Sunday, February 15, 2009

Our Valentines

I had such a fun Valentines Weekend. I love having Valentines Day on a Saturday! I did something for JR and the kids on Friday as a surprise, and JR got to take charge of Valentines Day on Saturday. So everyone was happy :). I decided to have a surprise dinner for my family on Friday night. Cali helped me get things ready and she did SUCH a good job of keeping things a secret from JR. I decided to let JR and the kids have their favorite foods for dinner. Cali had a McDonald's Happy Meal, Isaac had pizza, and JR got sushi. He was SO excited that I got him sushi. It's his most favorite food ever. Usually when I plan a candlelight dinner I just want it to be JR and I. But this year I thought it would be a lot of fun to involve the kids too. They loved it! I think I'll do more things like this as a family from now on :).

JR came home from work early, so I made him stay upstairs while I finished getting everything ready. I really REALLY wanted everything to be a surprise. Luckily JR was really cooperative and didn't peak :). He didn't have a clue :).

Everyone seemed pretty happy about the food :).

JR showing off his lovely sushi. I had a little bit. I just wish I enjoyed it more! But I'm glad JR liked it.

Of course Isaac loved his pizza :). It was even leftovers, but he didn't care.

Cali and her happy meal. She was such a big helper and really enjoyed the fun dinner.

Isaac apparently was still hungry after dinner, so he decided to steal Cali's fries.

Complete with ranch dip. What a little stinker :).

The table after dinner. Luckily there wasn't much to clean up :).

And I had to throw this pic in because it's just cute. Love that kid!

After our fun dinner we put the kids to bed and enjoyed a movie. It was great :). For Saturday JR got his family to watch the kids and we did some shopping. It was nice shopping for clothes without the kids :). For dinner we ate at Applebee's, which was super yummy. We had a great time together, I got an awesome skirt, and the kids had a blast with the Petersons. So all in all it was a perfect day! Happy Valentines everyone! Hope yours was just as fabulous!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Isaac's Night of Firsts

I'm so sorry I haven't posted anything for a while. You know when you get in those ruts where you have stuff you could blog about but you don't have the energy too? Yeah, that's where I am. But I have things I want to blog about, so hopefully I'll get caught up soon.

First, though, I had to share with you some pics I took of Isaac yesterday. All of a sudden he's become this big little man! He's still my baby, but he's huge :). He eats more than Cali and I for lunch, and he's loving being able to feed himself. He's so much more adventurous and willing to try things by himself than Cali was. I love his little personality and all the things he says. "Hold you?" as he reaches up to me. I love it! Enjoy the pics of my big boy. Makes you just want to squeeze him!

Last night he would not eat his dinner. So we finally took him out of his high chair to give him some time to calm down, and to see if he'd want to eat after a break. Well, after JR finished his dinner he decided to eat a yogurt. Isaac wanted his yogurt, but JR told Isaac he couldn't have any until he ate all his dinner. So, Isaac went into the kitchen all by himself, climbed up to our table, and started eating his dinner! I couldn't believe it! He ate it all gone! And then he was so excited when JR gave him some yogurt. It's amazing how smart kids are. He's 21 months and he understood exactly what JR was saying and he did it! And that was the first time he's eaten at the table instead if in his high chair. Such a big boy!

When it was time to get ready for bed, Isaac decided he wanted to brush his teeth all by himself. He stood on the step stool like a big boy.

I couldn't believe he could reach the water by himself! He's such a big kid! Doesn't he look so much older than 21 months in this pic? Maybe I'm just biased :).

Then to end the night Isaac went to sleep on his new big boy pillow. I think he really likes it, plus it probably helps him breath better since he's been a little stuffy. Like I said, it's like he's grown up over night! I just love my big little guy :).