Friday, November 30, 2007

A Window Into My Crazy Self...

Jenny tagged me, so I guess I have to spill my guts about me. So exciting for you! :-). According to the tag rules, I have to list six facts or habits about myself, so here goes:

1- I don't cry. Seriously...I don't. I think part of it stems from when I was younger and I realized that I had the "ugly cry" and didn't want anyone to see. The other part stems from me not wanting to be vulnerable. If I need to cry, 99% of the time I only allow myself to get teary eyed, but no tears actually fall. I've gotten so good at stopping myself from crying that when I actually do want to cry I usually can't. Yeah, not healthy. I am more likely to cry when I'm happy, though, than when I'm sad. If I'm happy, like when I feel the Spirit, I'll cry more, but I still don't like people to see. JR has seen me cry when I'm happy, but he has probably only seen me cry twice when I was sad. I just hold it in, and then when I'm alone and feel like I probably should let it out, I usually don't - or can't. ---Ok, so I'm re-reading what I wrote and realizing that I'm kind of a freak! JR is trying to make me feel better by telling me that I don't cry because I'm a very happy person :-). Bless his heart for trying to make me feel better :-). So, anyways, it's something that I'm working on, because I don't want to die young from holding in all this emotion!

2- I am extremely sarcastic. (hmmm, maybe this has something to do with not wanting to be vulnerable...hey, I'm a psychology major, I like to figure things out :-) I actually blame this on my dad (hehe). Most of my family, except my poor patient mom, is very sarcastic, so I just grew up with it. I don't ever like being mean, but I do love to tease and joke with people. Sometimes I forget that JR isn't as sarcastic as me and I think I've hurt his feelings a few times! Deep down he knows I'm just teasing :-). I'm so used to being around people who are sarcastic like me that I forget that there are those who are not. I always make sure they know I'm joking...but if I've offended anyone I'm sorry!!! Again...just blame it on my dad :-).

3- I love to be creative. One way I try to do that is by taking pictures. If I could pick a profession that I would absolutely love, it would have to be a photographer. I love taking pictures and seeing what I can create. I don't know if I really have a good eye or not, but I've had people tell me that I do, so that gives me hope :-). Photography is something that I'll always work on, even if it's just for the benefit of my own family.
Along these same lines, if I could pick a profession that I think I'd be really good at with the skills that I already have, it would have to be some sort of event/wedding planner. I'm very organized and detail oriented. I would make sure nothing got overlooked. I'm also quite perfectionistic, so everything would look great! Plus, I'm very good with people, so I would enjoy helping create a special event for someone. I actually worked at a reception center for a while, but I didn't get to plan everything. The things I did get to do, though, I loved. Being in charge of everything would make it that much more fun!

4- For those of you who know me this will be a DUH, but I'm very much a people person. I love being around other people and talking. Another DUH is that I love to talk. My father calls it being a "manic expressive". It took JR a little while to get used to 2-3 hour visiting teaching visits, but he's used to it now :-). I love talking to people and getting to know others. Just about everything I love to do involves being around other people. One down side of loving to talk is not being a very good listener, but I'm REALLY trying to work on that. I just love being around other people and laughing and talking. That would make me happy any day of the week :-).

5- I don't have that many really bad pet peeves, but here are a few that almost always bother me: 1- Slow drivers! I don't mind if you're in the slow lane, or even in the middle lane, but if you're in the fast lane or the car pool lane get out of the way if someone behind you is going faster!!! 2- Mean/rude people. It makes me so upset when I see someone being completely inconsiderate of another persons feelings. This includes tactless people. Just because it's the truth doesn't mean you should say it!!! 3- When things are disorganized (i.e. when JR leaves his stuff out and doesn't put it away!). I can't get after him too much, because there are a ton of things that he DOES do, but having to put the same things away over and over and OVER does get a little frustrating :-).

6- And finally, the best one ever... I LOVE DIRTY DANCING!!! Let me explain :-). From Jr. High all the way to College one of my most favorite things to do was dance. I loved being on dance teams and performing. The problem with that is it's kind of hard to do once you get married and aren't going to school. So, needing to find a way to get into shape after my dancing days were over, I got a Golds Gym membership. But, unfortunately, that just wasn't the same as dancing, and my motivation to go wasn't as good as it could have been. That was until I found my dirty dancing class. The Golds Gym in Orem teaches a dirty dancing class. My dancing prayers were answered!!! It is the most fun I've had since being on dance teams. Every class the teacher has a new routine to learn and we get to be sexy! It's a great confidence booster and I get a workout all at the same time! I'm telling you, for anyone who misses dancing and wants to get back in shape, this is the class for you!

So, there you have it. A little window into my crazy self. Hopefully you all still want to be my friends :-) Please?!! What if I pay you... (hehe)

Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

These are all (but two) of my parents grandkids. Fifteen in all - not to shaby!

This is Isaac and my new nephew Nathan. They're gonna be best buds :-).

Cali showing off her candy cane Reindeer (which I think she ate about 100 of - hence the messy face).

Our family at Thanksgiving. I think Isaac looks full :-).

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you all had as good of a Thanksgiving as I did. We switch off every other year with my family and JR's family, and this year was the 'on' year with my family. We always have to have it at a church because there's so many people. From my mom's parents down there are well over a hundred people - and that's not including spouses and other family members. So, we have a wonderfully large group for Thanksgiving, but that just means more varieties of pie to choose from! It was so wonderful being with my family. I love them all so much. I think I have the best extended family around. No matter how many people are in my family, I always feel loved by everyone - my grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, my parents, brothers and sisters, and so many others - and for that I am so very grateful. I also can't forget JR's family. They're so wonderful and I feel so much love from them as well. I'm also so very grateful for my amazing husband and kids. I think I have the cutest kids around - and that's not being biased :-). I love them so much and feel so much love from them in return. I also have such amazing friends, and even though I don't get to see some as often as I would like I still feel their love and love them as well. I feel so overwhelmingly grateful to be surrounded by so much love. I just hope I can give that much love back in return. So, in hopes of doing just that - I LOVE YOU ALL!!! :-)

Sunday, November 25, 2007

JR's Brazil Trip

Yeah! JR's home from Brazil!!! He had so much fun...except for wishing that I was with him :-). My dad just loves JR more than me because he paid for him to go and not me! JR and my dad both went to Brazil on their missions and they both speak Portuguese very well, so I guess those were deciding factors as well :-). My dad got to go and visit some of the areas and people he enjoyed on his mission and JR went along for the ride. Enjoy some of the pics JR took on his trip. If you mouse over the slides they will display a brief caption.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My sweet little boy

I couldn't resist putting up these pictures. Isaac just looked so grown-up in his Sunday outfit! I can't believe he's six months old already. He sits up really well by himself. He's so solid too. At his six month doctor's apointment he weighed 19lbs. 6 oz. Not too shaby! He's so cute with his big pinchy cheeks! He's just the cutest thing ever and has been such a fun addition to our family.

I went to church with my mom on Sunday, since JR's in Brazil with my Dad. She had lots of fun getting in some Isaac time.

Cali and Isaac had so much fun on my Dad's office chair. My mom was spinning them around and they were both laughing and smiling. Too cute!

The Beauty of Fall

It was such a beautiful fall day last Monday I couldn't resist taking some pictures in front of our house. This was the day before JR left for Brazil with my Dad for ten whole days! :-( We miss you!

What a good (and cute!) dad. I miss you!

What a good big sister Cali is.

Poor Isaac had just gotten five shots. Not a fun way to spend his six month birthday :-). He's such a tough kid, though. He did better than Cali, and she only got one shot!

She's such a stinker, but she's so cute too :-).

There were so many leaves in front of our house. Cali loved playing in them.

I love this picture. She's such a pretty girl, even if I do say so myself :-).

In front of our home.

Our street looked so pretty. There were so many leaves! I love fall!!! I just wish it lasted longer :-).

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Halloween this year was crazy busy with lots of fun things to do and people to see. Cali and Isaac were such troopers being carted around everywhere. Cali had a great time and it was fun seeing her enjoy dressing up and really getting into Halloween. Isaac looked so cute in his pumpkin costume that we just had to show him off to as many people as possible :-). We all had so much fun being together with family and friends and it made for a wonderful day.

Cali got to go trick-or-treating at Novell. It was lots of fun and Cali got way too much candy. She actually told me "Mom, I'm done. I have enough candy." Darn, I guess I'll just have to help her eat it all :-).

Cali also got to see her friend Sadie at Novell, so they had some fun together as well.

After Cali went trick-or-treating at Novell, we stopped by our old ward in Provo to visit our friends Laycie and John. While we were there Cali went trick-or-treating with their little boy Britton. She definitely got her share of candy this Halloween :-).

At first Britton didn't want to get into his pooh bear costume, but we distracted him enough to take some cute pictures :-).

It was fun walking through our old ward. The kids enjoyed it too.

Brother and sister on their first Halloween together - too cute :-).

Isaac looked so cute as a pumpkin this year. I thought the costume would go nicely with his round face and red hair :-).

Trick-or-treating with the Petersons: There's Grandma Peterson as Grandma Peterson :-), Isaac as "The Pumpkin Head", Anna as Velma from Scooby Doo, Rachel as a pirate, Adam as Steve Irwin, and Cali as Snow White.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Grandkids Halloween Party

My mom had a halloween party for all of her grandkids a couple of days before halloween. Not everyone could make it, but it was a lot of fun and Cali enjoyed dressing up - again- in her princess costume. Enjoy the cute pics!

Everyone showing off their cute costumes.

Isaac and his cousin Beauen looking cute. They're getting so big!

The two princesses Belle and Snow White.

The newest addition to the Weeks family - Nathan Crump!

I think Cali has my lips...

Isaac and little Nathan trying to pose :-).

Isaac among Grandma's pumpkins. Too cute!