Sunday, June 29, 2008

Taylorsville Days Fireworks!

I love Taylorsville Days fireworks. We get to walk to the park by my parents home and just lay on the grass. The fireworks are right over our head and there's never a bad spot. Cali really loved the fireworks. Isaac wasn't quite sure what to think at first, but after a little while he was so tired that I don't think he really minded laying down and watching. As long as I get to watch the Taylorsville Days fireworks I'm usually good with not needing to see anymore for the rest of the season. Not because I don't want to, but because it's such a good show and we have such a good view that it fills my firework quota for the year. Plus, it's always a lot of fun getting together with my family and enjoying them together.

Here's Cali with her cousin Brianne. They had SO much fun together at the park. With all the boy cousins I'm glad they have each other to be girly together.

Here they are watching fireworks. It's so fun now that Cali is getting old enough to really enjoy things like this. Watching fireworks brings you back to when you were little and in awe by how big and bright and loud they are.
It's the best!

Here's us snuggling watching the fireworks.
There's no better way to enjoy them!

There never as cool on film, but they're still cool.

Isaac was so tired, but I think he still enjoyed just chillin' with dad watching the fireworks.

Happy Birthday Mom

Friday was my Mom's 60th birthday. We got to celebrate it on Saturday before we went to watch fireworks for Taylorsville Days. It was a lot of fun surprising my mom, even if it was just with a (yummy yummy) cake :). I have to take a moment to express how much I love my mom. She is the kindest most angelic person I know. I am so blessed to have been raised by such a sweet and always loving mother, and I'm continually blessed because of her. My children absolutely love their grandma. No matter how many grandkids she has she always makes each one feel loved and extra special. I love you mom and I'm so grateful that I have you. You are such an example of Christ-like love and living and I hope I can become more of who you are. Happy Birthday Mom. I love you!!!

My mom's so cute. She doesn't look a day over 29!
...or five, according to Cali :).

Here's the yummy Cold Stone ice cream cake. It was to die for!
Enjoy your leftovers mom. You deserve it! :)

Cali's First Dance Recital

This past week Cali went to her first dance classes. I've been meaning to put her in dance for forever and finally signed her up for a little dance camp. She went every day for an hour and a half and then performed what she learned on Saturday. She loved every minute of it and was so excited that she was going to get to perform at the end of the week. It was a teddy bear dance camp, so everyday she got to bring her bear and practice dancing with it for one of the dances. She did such a good job on Saturday. She smiled and danced in rhythm and had such a great time performing what she learned. Of course she was the best little dancer of the group, but then again I was really only looking at her :). She did do a really good job, though. For having never had a dance class before, she learned all the steps and was one of the only ones doing the steps at the right time. It's no wonder I was completely proud of her. She's so cute to watch and I can't wait to sign her up for more dance classes because I know she'll have a blast - and I'll love living vicariously through her :).

Here's Cali showing one of the things she learned this week: first position.
Look at those perfectly positioned little feet! Too cute :).

Here she is getting ready to perform her bear dance. Her dance teacher helped the girls make their costumes. They were really cute :).

After Cali finished her first dance she did a bow like this one and held it for like 10 seconds. I was mad because I had stopped videoing right before she did her bow, so I had her do it for me again. It's too cute - it makes me laugh :).

Here she is showing off her bear pose. She looked so cute and grown up performing. Especially since she got to wear makeup. What a pretty little girl :).

For those of you who are wondering, yes she's wearing her Snow White princess costume. Since the girls were so young her teacher said that they could wear whatever dress-up costume they wanted too. Since I haven't gotten Cali any dance clothes yet, she wanted to wear this. She had lots of fun getting dressed up and putting on makeup. I'm glad she got some more use out of her Halloween costume...again :).


We FINALLY gave Cali a haircut. She has only had one haircut her entire life, and that was when she was 18 months or so. Her hair has just grown in unevenly, so I didn't quite know what to do with it. Plus, I was worried about cutting off her curls. But it was getting so long in the back that I finally had to trim it. I ended up cutting off more than I thought, but it still looks cute. Her curls are still there, but it takes a little more effort to make them really curly. Her hair looks a lot better though, and much thicker. I still can't believe she's only had two haircuts. I think I need to be more on top of this when it's time for another one :).

Cali's long pretty blonde hair before we cut it.

It looked so short to me after we cut it! But it's not that short. I think I just freaked out a little bit, cutting my little girls hair and all. Maybe I'm just in denial that she's getting so big...yeah, probably :).

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Weeks Sand Dunes Camp Out

For the past few years my oldest brother Tim has put together an annual Weeks family camp out at the Little Sahara Sand Dunes. We get to ride 4-wheelers, motorcycles, and other fun sand dunes toys, as well as enjoy family time and the great outdoors. All of my family came this year, including my younger brother Jeff who flew in from a summer job in Texas. Besides enjoying food (thanks Tim!) and conversation, we also celebrated all the June birthdays. This included Cali, so of course she had a blast opening up presents and blowing out her cupcake candle.

This year was JR's and my first time sleeping over. We've been party poopers in the past (according to my family) and never really slept overnight. This year we had no excuse, with my brother Tim loaning us his huge tent and air mattresses. I have to say, for sleeping in a tent, I was so comfy! I would have gotten great sleep too...if it wasn't for the party going on at the campsite next to us. It's difficult sleeping when there's loud 4-wheelers zooming past your tent until five a.m. So, other than getting no sleep and getting sand all over, we had a great time. Cali loved playing with her cousins and going on the 4-wheelers. Isaac loved eating and being outside. JR and I loved spending time with my family, and taking a shower and a nap when we got home :). JR and I don't consider ourselves very out-doorsy, but I guess when you get to spend time with the ones you love it makes all the dirt, heat, and no sleep worth it :).

Here's me and Isaac enjoying some camp snuggle time :).

Here's everyone who got to celebrate their birthday at the Sand Dunes:
Brianne, Cali, Jaryn, Erin, mom, and Steve. Happy Birthday!!!

Here's my mom reading a cute poem that went along with the
Prayer Rugs she made for Cali and Brianne. They're so cute. Thanks mom!

I'm pretty sure Cali loved her present... :).

Here's JR and Isaac chillin'. Isaac is trying to attack that huge pretzel.
I bet you can't guess who won that fight... :).

Here's Cali and Isaac relaxing in our tent. Luckily they seemed to sleep ok.

Here's everyone bright eyed on Saturday morning :).
At least we had a yummy pancake and bacon breakfast to get us out of bed.
Well... that and the heat.

"Look dad, my head is as big as yours!"

Here's Cali and uncle Cory getting ready to take a ride. Poor Cali - I had put sunscreen on her face but all it did was attract dirt. She looks like a raccoon! At least she still had a blast, despite getting sand in her eyes.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Date Night...finally :).

For those of you who read my Lagoon post, since the power went out last Saturday while we were there JR and I got to go again for free! Thanks to JR's family who watched our kids, we got to have a Lagoon date night on Thursday. It was so much fun! We got to go on the big rides that we like (including the new Wicked ride which was so much fun) and we didn't feel bad about bailing out early since we got in free. Apparently we're too old now to hang out at Lagoon all day. So, we went to Lagoon for a few hours and then decided to jet back to SL for some Olive Garden. It was such a fun day. We need to have more date nights just the two of us because it really helps to strengthen our I'm sure it does to everyone :).

We don't have any fun Lagoon pics because we didn't take our camera for fear it would get broken on the rides. But, thanks to my sis-in-law Anna, we do have some way cute pics of the kids playing at Grandma's. They had so much fun playing in the water. Thanks Peterson family for letting JR and I have a date night. You're the best!!!

Cali sporting her new swimming suit.
The hat was from last year, but I guess it still works :).

Here's Cali and aunt Rachel playing in the sprinklers.
It took Cali a few tries to get use to it, but after that she had a blast :).

Seriously, I know I'm his mom, but how cute is he!

Here's Isaac playing wearing his new swimming suit.
He didn't really enjoy the water, but the toys were ok :).

I thought this pic was cute. Thanks Anna!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Visit JR's Blog!

JR just recently created a blog called "One Great Whole". In it he shares his views on gospel principles and his own personal insights that are truly inspired. Some of the posts are long, but definitely well worth the read. He has such an amazing ability to express himself, and the insights he shares will bring joy and peace to your life. Please take the time to check it out. Leave a comment too of your thoughts. It's a work in progress, and JR loves feedback :).

Here's the link:


Monday, June 16, 2008

JR's Work Lagoon Day

JR's work had a Lagoon Day on Saturday. Although JR and I didn't get to go on any big rides, Cali and Isaac sure had fun, so it was all worth the trip :). Cali was so brave and went on lots of rides. Isaac enjoyed being outside and riding the merry-go-round, the ferris wheel, and the train.

Just before we were about to leave Lagoon the power went out. Cali and JR were waiting in line for the final ride when it happened. The lady working the ride said that the last time the power went out was two years ago. We didn't feel too gypped because we were going to head out soon anyways. The cool thing, though, is that from now until the end of this month we can take our ticket stubs back to Lagoon for a free admission to make up for the power going out. Yeah! Now JR and I can go back and ride the big rides for free! Now we just need to find a babysitter... :).

Isaac playing with Dad :).

This was Isaac's first ride. He was so timid - it was cute :).

Cali had was so excited to ride the merry-go-round.

Here's us getting ready to ride the train.

I love this picture :). Cali and Isaac are both 'oooing' at the animals we saw on the train ride. The tiger actually roared for us!

Here's Cali and I on the new kiddy swings.
I love rides that the parents can enjoy too :).

Isaac got thirsty enough that he figured out the sippy cup.
He had a blast with it after that :).

After we left Lagoon we went to my parents home to hang out and cool off. We had fun riding scooters and Cali and Isaac had fun hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa :).

Here's Cali on her scooter ride with my brother Cory:

She had a lot of fun, if you can't tell :).

Here's Isaac trying to escape down the sidewalk.
At least he's saving his knees from the concrete :).

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day JR

I needed to take a moment today to pay tribute to my husband JR, the father of our two beautiful children. Words cannot express the love I have for him. That love has increased exponentially as I've watched him be a dad. When we first had Cali it was a little bit of a struggle for him. He wanted so much to be a loving patient father, but, not having had an example of one from his own father, it was hard for him to know exactly how to be a good dad. Having children sometimes brings out the best and worst in us all. JR has been determined ever since to be the best dad he could be, and I believe he had reached his goals and then some. My love for him grows every day as I see him playing with our children, teaching them, singing to them, loving them. He's more patient and loving than me!

To give you just a small taste of what an amazing dad JR is, this morning JR got up early with Isaac, fed him, changed TWO poppy diapers, fed Cali, and played with the kids so that I could get a little extra sleep. He wasn't even grouchy! I am so blessed to have JR as a husband and as an amazing father. Our children are blessed because of his love. Thank you JR for all that you do. Our children could not have a better father, and I could not have a better husband.

Here's some fun pics of JR and the kids, being such a good dad :).
Dancing with Cali at Angelica's wedding.

Enjoying Christmas morning with Cali.

Enjoying snuggle time with Isaac in the hospital.

Reading to Cali and Isaac. I love this picture :).

Cali getting into trouble for running off. JR is such a good dad, disciplining firmly, but with love.

Happy Father's Day JR. We love you!!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Idaho Falls Trip

On Sunday we got to enjoy spending more time with JR's family, especially our new little niece A.J. who got blessed. It's hard to remember just how little your kids use to be until you hold a newborn again. She's so sweet and snugly :). It was so much fun visiting JR's brother Aaron and his wife Angel. We've never been up to where they live in Idaho Falls, so having little A.J. blessed was the perfect opportunity. After church and lunch we went to see the Idaho Falls Temple. It's beautiful, so of course I took way too many pictures :). The whole weekend was so much fun - spending time with family and enjoying a mini vacation (any night at a hotel counts as a vacation right?! :).

Baby Angel Jane (A.J.). She's so cute! She's also my first niece on JR's side of the family, so that makes her extra special :).

A.J. and Grandma Peterson.

JR being a good dad - trying to corral Isaac so he didn't destroy Aaron's house. That's no small task! Look at Isaac's face - it says, "Dad put me down, there's stuff I haven't sucked on yet!"

The Hickmans (Angel's family) were up for the weekend too, which made it even more fun!

Enjoying chat around the table :).

Here's my beautiful sis-in-law Anna. She's such a great aunt :).

JR, me, Rachel, Cali, and Anna enjoying the falls by the temple.

It is such a gorgeous temple. What a perfect location!

All the animals on the water by the temple.

Ok, I know I'm retarded, but this picture makes me laugh. It looks like the goose has called a meeting for the other ducks (and the seagulls - that were pretending to be ducks in the water so they could get food too). hehe! Hey, maybe that's what the meeting is about - getting rid of those pesky seagulls so that they could have all the food....Ok, I'll stop now. :-D

It was a little windy, but still a beautiful day.

Idaho Falls, Idaho Temple