Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Missing Michael

Ok, so I seriously haven't posted in forever. But it's only because I have SO much to post about that I don't know where to start! Before I start on everything else I want to post about I thought I'd do a quick post about Michael Jackson. I'm still sad that he's gone. I know his life was crazy, but his music and his dancing were amazing! In tribute to him I put up a MJ playlist for your listening pleasure. I've been listening to his stuff all week and I love it! It makes me miss him even more. Well, at least the music and his moves live on. My kids have been enjoying his music too when we listen to it in the car. Even Isaac was singing along! It was pretty funny :). Oh well, at least they're getting a taste of some great music. But maybe I'll have to play primary songs for a week or two afterwards to even things out ;). Miss you Michael!