Friday, October 31, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

It has been FOREVER since I've carved pumpkins. I think it's one of those activities that I want to do for Halloween, but never end up getting around to it. Well, thanks to some free pumpkins from my parents, we decided to make sure we carved pumpkins this year. Cali was also good to not let us forget :). So, for FHE this week we carved pumpkins. I felt bad because there wasn't much Cali could do when we got started. It would have been a little tricky for her to cut the pumpkin, but she did pick out the face she wanted and was still excited watching JR and I carve, so all in all it was a really fun activity for everyone (well, except for maybe Isaac who I'm sure felt neglected :). Enjoy the pics of our creations!

This is the face Cali picked out: a scary scream face. I think it's a great likeness, don't you? :D I carved this one for her and she enjoyed watching me.

Here's Isaac with his Isaac inspired pumpkin. JR drew this one based off of Isaac. I think it turned out great! Look at that resemblance! JR has a gift for carving pumpkins :).

Here's me with my pumpkin of choice: StrongBad. Yeah for homestarrunner pumpkin pencil sketches!

Here's JR's pumpkin of choice: Homsar from homestarrunner. It's pretty funny if you're familiar with the website :).

Here's a better look at the Isaac pumpkin. Kinda creepy, but still cute :).

Here's my sexy husband and all the pumpkins. I think his face is a mixture of Homsar and the scream face from Cali's pumpkin...nice :D. JR and I each did two, and it didn't even take as long as I thought! We're definitely going to make this a yearly tradition.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Primary Program Sunday

For those of you who don't know, I'm the first counselor in my ward's primary presidency. I just got called a few months ago. My first main order of business: write the October primary program. Needless to say, I put it off as long as I could. I didn't know how to be in the primary presidency, let alone put together a compilation of things the children have learned throughout the year in a meaningful yet 'simple enough for the kids to memorize' way.

This month has been focused on practicing with the kids and fine tuning everything. I have to admit, I was more stressed and nervous that I expected. But deep down I knew that the kids would pull it off. And, of course, they did - and then some. It went so well and I was so proud of the kids. People kept telling me what a great job I did, but I know it wasn't me. I couldn't have done it without the kids! :) Almost all of the kids had their parts memorized and everything went smoothly. I have to say my favorite part, without being biased of course :), was Cali. She's a little sunbeam and the only one in her class that would have been willing to sing a solo. That's right, Cali stood up at the very beginning of our program and sang "I Am a Child of God" a capella. She sang the first few lines and then the rest of the primary sang along with her. It was really beautiful and Cali did a perfect job. I loved that the kids sang it without accompaniment. They really sounded great and it was a perfect start to our program. Cali had both sets of grandparents watching her, as well as many aunts and uncles. They couldn't have been prouder :). Cali also did really well with her speaking part. She had a whole scripture memorized, reference and all.

It was fun being involved with the primary program this year. I've gotten to know the kids in primary more, and hopefully they've gotten to know me. They really brought a special spirit to our sacrament meeting, and I felt privileged to be a small part of that. It was really fun working with Cali and JR too. JR is over the senior primary music, and he was a HUGE help with the kids. So, thanks JR! I couldn't have done it without you! I also have to thank the amazing women who are in the primary presidency with me. They're so much fun to work with and it made doing the primary program that much easier. Thank you thank you!

Thanks also to mom and dad Weeks and family, and mom and dad Peterson and family for coming and supporting me and my family. Cali loved it, and it really meant a lot to me :).

Here's pics of my kids yesterday, sporting their new outfits for the special day :).

Cali looked so big in her new outfit :). I was so proud of her!

Isaac looked so big and handsome in his new church outfit - tie and all!

Friday, October 24, 2008


Isaac handed me my camera today, after much effort picking it up off the floor :), and said, "cheese". It took only a second to figure out what he meant. So, of course I had to take a picture of his cute self - messy hair, jammies, and all :). Love that kid!


Too cute, even with drool on his chin :).

PS- Yes, I know he needs a haircut :). Poor kid won't be able to see soon!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Angelica!!!

So, since I didn't get to talk to my friend Angelica today to wish her a happy b-day (because she's off having fun at Disneyland! - I know, jealous) I though I'd send her birthday wishes via the www. And with that, I had to dig out my old photos of us from way back when to add. Ok, so it's only from about ten years ago because the rest of the pics are still at my mom's house. But I could get a pic from like 25 years ago if I found my old picture box... What I'm trying to say is that we've been friends FOREVER. We grew up across the street from each other and have been best friends since we were basically born. It was so nice growing up and being able to just run across the street if I needed someone to talk to. So much better in person than on the phone. Not to mention all the sleepovers, breakfast/lunch/dinners, late night talks, tanning in her backyard, double dates, getting ready together before school, help with boyfriend troubles, riding our tricycles, eating popsicles in the rain.... you get the idea :). We always said when we got older that we'd be next door neighbors. Too bad that hasn't happened...yet :). With marriage, work, family, and everything else we don't get to chat or see each other as often as we'd like. But we still try to make some time, even if it's a quick phone call, or catching up over old pictures on my blog :D. Enjoy!

Don't you just love old photo booth pics. These are from '97, so of course we thought we were hot stuff :D. Well, I thought, Angelica succeeded :D. Raaar.

Ah, nothing like bonding moments at Girls Camp :).

I took this pic on the day we did our Dance Company photos.
I love this picture of Angelica! You're gorgeous Gel!

Angelica and Bryan in the early dating years :). We took this when JR and I were out on a double date with Angelica and Bryan. We had so much fun that night!

After Angelica got her endowments at the Jordan River Temple. I got to be her escort. How cool is that!

Angelica and Bryan's wedding day. I loved being your bridesmaid :).

The last pic of us together. I need to bring my camera more when we hang out! That last time at JR's parent's home was the best!

Love you Gel!!! I hope you had a great birthday. Miss you :)

Starting to Feel the Holiday Spirit...

I know it's only mid October (which I'm still in denial about) but there are certain smells that tend to get me excited about the holidays. Today JR was in the mood for cookies. I had seen an easy pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipe on my friend Sharla's blog and, since we had a leftover can of pumpkin from last season, we thought we'd give it a try. Oh, and by 'we' I mean JR (but in my defence I was getting some dinner ready). So JR started whipping the cookies together and before I knew it my home smelled like pumpkin spice. It gave me this warm and cozy feeling, like I needed some peppermint hot chocolate and a fire place. And it made me excited for snow and all the holidays that are associated with this time of year. Now, don't get me wrong, I can go a few weeks or longer without having to deal with the cold, and snow. But all of the other things associated with this time of year I'm starting to really get excited about. Either that, or those cookies were just really really good :).
For those of you wishing to join me in this moment of holiday spirit, here's the cookie recipe (thanks Sharla!):

Easy Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

1 Spice Cake Mix (or white/yellow cake mix plus cinnamon & pumpkin pie spice)
1 (15 oz) can pumpkin
1 cup chocolate chips (or more if you like :)

Mix & bake at 350 for 13-15 minutes.

Again, these were super easy and super yummy. Just make sure you have a glass of milk handy. You're definitely going to need it!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Girls Weekend

Last weekend my girlfriends from high school and I all got together for a fun over-nighter. We ate at Cheesecake Factory (yum!), we watched improv comedy at the Off Broadway Theatre in Salt Lake, and we stayed overnight at the Hilton Suites hotel. We never get to see each other, so every little while we try to get together for some bonding time. This weekend was so much fun I think we definitely need to make it an annual event.

As my friend Jenny and I were waiting to get into the Cheesecake Factory (we waited for over an hour and a half! But it was worth it :) we ran into another friend from high school, Lisz. How lucky are we! We had a great time catching up, and it made the wait go by much quicker :).

Us girls at Cheesecake Factory. Melisa, Jenny, Tiffany, and me.

Hanging out before the improv comedy show.

We got Melisa and Tiffany up on stage. They did such a great job!

Enjoying our cheesecake after the improv show. Shannon couldn't do dinner or the show with us, but she joined us at the hotel. Melisa, me, Tiffany, and Shannon (with Jenny taking the pic :).

Out hotel was so nice! It had a kitchen, living room, and a separate room for the bedroom and bathroom. We had a blast there. We stayed up until after 4 am before we decided to crash. We had a lot to catch up on!

Jenny and I being our usual cool selves :).

On Monday we ended up going out to lunch with another high school friend Jessica. She had to work over the weekend and couldn't come, so we had lunch with her instead :).

All of us enjoying lunch at Ruby Tuesday. Tiffany, Jenny, Isaac with the sippy cup :), me, Jessica, Shannon, and her daughter Hailey. Cali was there too, but she was probably under the table or something. Crazy girl :).

Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Beautiful Fall Night

I love this time of year. I love the changing of the leaves and needing a light jacket. The only down side of Fall is that it's over so quickly. Some years I don't even get a chance to take a drive to see the leaves. So this year I made sure my family and I got to enjoy this beautiful season fully. We took a drive for FHE up Hobble Creek Canyon this week. It was a short drive, but gorgeous. It was so fun being outside in nature with JR and my kids. Cali and Isaac loved being outside. Especially Isaac, who, since turning 17 months, has decided to be even that much more independent. He just took off on the trail without a backward glance. Stinker :). It was so nice spending time together as a family, and getting to enjoy nature as well. I really need to do that more often!

This picture makes me smile. Isaac was totally being a boy - stomping around and loving his freedom. He looked so cute in his new jacket too :).

How beautiful is that?! It really was a perfect night to look at the leaves... and to take pictures :).

So cute. Too bad we couldn't get them each to look at the same time...

Look at those leaves! JR's not bad looking either :).

Cali busied herself with gathering leaves. They were so pretty she held on to them the whole way home and I put them on our counter for decoration.

Cali just gave him back the rock he threw. Look how happy he is!

I had to include this pic. He was so mad that JR wouldn't let him wander wherever he wanted when it was time to go home. He's a stinker, but he's cute :).

It was getting dark when we left, but it was still beautiful. We need to go back there again soon!!!