Friday, November 13, 2009

My New Nephew

It's been so long since I posted anything I'm having to remember how to do it all over again! But it's worth it for this post :). My sister Nicky just had her forth baby and I got to go see him yesterday. She was more than a week overdue, so we were pretty anxious to meet this new little guy. What a sweet experience it was holding this new angel and feeling the peace in the room. It was wonderful! Love you Nicky and Jason, congratulations!!!

I love my sister, but seriously it's unfair how beautiful she looks after delivering a baby! Ok, I'm done with my jealous rant :). She really does look amazing though!

Me with my newest nephew. Even at 8 pounds 10 ounces, he was still so little!

What a sweetie. Love that face!


Jenny said...

I thought you'd forgotten how to blog, too! That's a cute little nephew you have. And that picture of Nicky is SOOOO not fair. I always look like I've been hit by a truck and mauled by an animal in my after-birth pictures. I'm jealous!

Melissa said...

Beautiful mother and baby and beautiful you! Thanks for sharing.

Chelsey said...

My sister took our family pictures. Her name is Lindsey Moultrie. She is in my blog list if you wanted to leave her a message. She's awesome. The place is the star mill in AF. It is an antique shop. You pay $20 and you can use anything you want for your pictures. It was awesome.

nicole said...

Um....maybe I should check your blog more often. Thank you so much for your sweet post! It's fun to see him so small in these pics. Amazing how quickly they change in a few short months. I LOVED having you visit me. It meant so much. And you're was peaceful that day. It makes me sigh just thinking of it! Maybe I should send my other kids away more often :D Love you!

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