Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Ten Year

I can't believe I'm here already! I had my ten year high school reunion last night and it was so much fun :). They had good food, awesome entertainment, and I got to see some really good people that I haven't seen in forever. I only got one picture, but it was with some of my favorite people :). Thanks everyone who helped put it together. JR even had a blast! :)

Nicole, Jared and Jennifer Day with their little Jackson, Me, Rodney Dye and his wife.

Jared was one of my best friends growing up and it was awesome to see him again, and to meet his cute wife (officially :) and their sweet little baby boy. Rodney and I also go back to Jr. High and we had a blast catching up. Thanks for the conversations guys. You made my night!


JR said...

Yes, I did have a blast -- and I have the blister to prove it! It was great to get to know a few of the people that played a part of your formative years. Hopefully we'll get the chance to hang out with some of them again soon.

Tiffy said...

Looks like you guys had fun!

crystalcookie said...

you are so cute! I miss you! hope all is well!:)