Friday, May 22, 2009

Cali's Preschool Graduation

So I think I'm still in denial that I have an almost Kindergartener. Cali will be five in just a couple of weeks! I'm not ready for that yet either. It's hard having her grow up, but I'm loving all the new things that come with every step. She had her preschool graduation last Thursday. It happened to be on the same day as our wedding anniversary, but we let that day be here day and celebrated our anniversary that weekend. Cali had such a fun day. That morning Cali, Isaac, JR and I all went with Cali's preschool class on a field trip to Thanksgiving point. They saw animals, rode ponies, and ate a sack lunch outside. It was really fun and we had a great time enjoying the activity as a family.

Here's Cali with her preschool class. Her teacher, Mrs. Adrienne, does such a good job with the kids. We'll miss having her be Cali's teacher.

As you can tell, Cali was super excited and had so much fun at Thanksgiving point with her class.

The pony rides are always a favorite :).

Isaac's first pony ride. He loved it!

They all had a blast playing together. It was hard to get a pic of Isaac because he was running around everywhere!

Isaac loved looking at all the animals.

Isaac and JR. JR was an excellent camera man that day :).

Cali eating lunch with her school class friends.

After the activity we all came home and rested for a little while. It was a hot day! That evening we had Cali's preschool graduation at our church building. Cali was so excited :). Thanks for those who were able to come. I know she loved having you all there!

Cali's preschool class all lined up in their graduation hats.

The tassels are just too cute :).

Cali getting her preschool graduation certificate and memory book from her teacher, Mrs. Adrienne.

Cali watching the slide show her teacher put together with the Aunt Anna.

Cali with her proud parents :).

This pic makes me laugh. Cali was trying to give Isaac hugs, but he was on a chair so it ended up on his neck somehow. Such sibling love :).

Isaac giving kisses to my good friend Jami after the program. He's such a little flirt!

We had such a great day celebrating Cali and her graduating from preschool. We love her so much and are so proud of how well she's doing in school. She's so excited and ready to go to kindergarten. I'm the one who's not ready! I'm glad I have the summer to prepare myself, but I'm sure I'll never be ready for her to get older. What a big girl I have :).


JR said...

I love our family! I'm not sure how I feel yet about Cali being in Kindergarten in the fall. It'll be an adventure for sure.

Thanks for all you do to keep our family healthy, busy, and so completely adorable. MWA!

crystalcookie said...

ahhh Kristen you have such a cute family~ but I decided I really miss you! we need to have a girls night~~~~~~ and laugh our heads off lol :)

Tiffy said...

Ah, cute! Congrats Cali!